The most versatile shredder on the market is now available in North America, exclusively from Shred-Tech. The Haas Tyron 2000 Xl is available in capacities ranging from 25 tons per hour to 100 tons per hour depending on the application and material. Available options include: stationary, trailer or track mounting, hopper extensions, cross belt magnets and water spray dust control. These shredders feature central lubrication, radio remote control and a hydraulic system designed to work in extreme temperatures and conditions.

The shredder shafts can rotate forwards and backwards, operate in unison, bidirectional and at different speeds at the same time. The machines are designed for minimal dust generation, ease of maintenance and low wear and tear. They can also be operated remotely.

The serviceability of these machines are very cost-effective, as the parts are stocked North America-wide, and the shredders do not require blade replacements. Rather, when maintenance is needed, the machine is locked out while the blades are re-welded and re-hardfaced. This keeps downtime to a minimum, and the machines are like new again.

Download HAAS TYRON 2000XL Sheet