Fatso Shredders

Shred-Tech's FATSO range are efficient, robust and maintenance friendly Shredders. The FATSO range lifts the bar in Shredder design, with many features new to the industry.

  • All models have specific cutter geometry to increase and maximize throughput per kW.
  • Intelligent motor control giving +40% knife tip force.
  • Labyrinth and Hard-faces and lifetime sealed bearings reducing recommended maintenance to once per year. No greasing required.
  • Proprietary Intelligent Inverter Software specific for the FATSO Shredder application.
  • Reduced cost of replacement Cutter-Shafts.
  • All components from leading European suppliers


Shred-Tech's approach to the Fatso design has been to use successful legacy products as a benchmark, and improve the design in three key areas.
  • 1.Throughput (kg's per hour) per kW of electricity used
  • 2.Extend the life and reliability of the parts
  • 3.Reduce and simplify the required maintenance and the cost of wear parts
The resulting Fatso design is very different from previous shredder models, but the core Shred-Tech focus of low-speed high-torque remains. Low speed, in plant based and mobile shredding applications reduces the amount of dust generated, and also the risk of fire.
Metric Imperial

Model/SpecChamber L
Chamber W
Cut size W
Cutter OD
Per-Hour (Up to)
FAT-240-24XH-524024524 1552x1.1200
FAT-500-10-2251232210 1702x9.21,150
FAT-500-12-2251232212 1702x9.21,500
FAT-500-16-2251232216 1702x9.21,800
FAT-500-24HH-2251232224 1702x9.21,800
FAT-512-10-3051238010 2002x151,800
FAT-512-12-3051238012 2002x152,250
FAT-512-16-3051238016 2002x153,000
FAT-704-16-3070448216 2402x153,500
FAT-704-22-3070448222 2402x154,000
FAT-704-32HH-3070448232 2402x156,000
FAT-832-16-6083255016 2752x305,000
FAT-832-32HH-6083255032 2752x307,500
FAT-1000-25HH-601,00055025 3002x307,500
FAT-1000-40HH-741,00055040 3002x3710,000

Model/SpecChamber L
Chamber W
Cut size W
Cutter OD
Per-Hour (Up to)
FAT-240-24XH-59 1/2"9 5/8"1 6 1/8"2x1.5400
FAT-500-10-2220"133/8" 7"2x12.52,530
FAT-500-12-2220"13"1/2" 7"2x12.53,300
FAT-500-16-2220"13"5/8" 7"2x12.54,000
FAT-500-24HH-2220"13"1" 7"2x12.54,000
FAT-512-10-3020"15"3/8" 8"2x204,000
FAT-512-12-3020"15"1/2" 8"2x205,000
FAT-512-16-3020"15"5/8" 8"2x206,600
FAT-704-16-3027 5/7"19"5/8" 9"2x207,700
FAT-704-22-3027 5/7"196/7" 9"2x208,800
FAT-704-32HH-3027 5/7"19"1 3/13" 9"2x2013,000
FAT-832-16-6032 3/4"21 4/6"5/8" 11"2x4011,000
FAT-832-32HH-6032 3/4"21 4/6"1 3/13" 11"2x4016,500
FAT-1000-25HH-6039 3/8"21 4/6"1" 12"2x4016,500
FAT-1000-40HH-7439 3/8"21 4/6"1 7/13" 12"2x5022,000