Product Destruction Recovery

Complete Turnkey Systems, custom designed and manufactured by Shred-Tech, destroy, recover and separate a wide variety of off-spec, mis-packaged and out-dated products.

Shred-Tech's Material Separation and Recovery / Destruction Systems are used around the world for recovering precious metals from computers and telecommunications scrap, nylon from carpet, and recyclables from MSW, just to name a few. Mis-packaged consumer products such as breakfast cereals, cosmetics, milk and juice containers, etc. are separated for onward recycling. Systems designed for destroying off-spec consumer products provide manufacturers with liability protection.

Waste disposal is a cost. Waste recovery can eliminate the cost of disposal and generate income. What is usually not factored into the disposal cost equation is the potential liability associated with a consumer obtaining an off-spec or out of date product. Shred-Tech has the technology and experience to destroy and recycle most consumer products or safely dispose of them. Shred-Tech's expertise can lower disposal costs and protect against product liability claims.