E Waste Shredding Recycling

Governments and manufacturers of electronic hardware are increasingly coming under pressure regarding the safe disposal of electronic waste once their useful life has been completed. End-of-life (EOL) legislation for e-scrap is in place in many countries and pending throughout Europe and North America. Shred-Tech has engineered and manufactured custom systems to shred, separate and recover the component materials that make up these electronic products.

Shred-Tech's modular system design offers a flexible solution. Shredding systems can be custom configured using designed and proven system modules to meet specific capacity and separation requirements. Notebooks, desktops and mainframe computers can be processed along with telecommunication switching racks, medical and military equipment, etc. The system reduces and separates component material such as plastic, aluminum, copper, steel and precious metals. These materials may then be sold as commodities.

Shred-Tech's Electronic Hardware Recycling Systems solve EOL responsibility issues for manufacturers of electronics by:
  • Shredding all types of electronic waste with minimum or no disassembly.
  • Efficiently processing high volumes of electronic waste.
  • Recovering base metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc and steel.
  • Recovering high value precious metals.
  • Eliminating used electronic products and/or components from landfills.
  • Providing secure destruction of customer's used equipment.
  • Removing disposal responsibility of all product from the consumer while offering the manufacturer
  • an opportunity to replace these products with new products.
By shredding and separating e-waste back to its original materials, Shred-Tech ensures that post-consumer electronic products are efficiently and economically recycled.