Effectively expanding your shredding business and preparing it for even more growth is much easier with the acquisition of the high-performing Shred-Tech® MDX-3-33 Shred Truck. This is a reliably powerful machine that you can use to your advantage to beat out the competition and dominate the document destruction industry thanks to its high-performance components and high-security shredding capabilities. Engineered by Shred-Tech® experts for optimal shredding performance, the truck is built with a 33,000 lb. GVW chassis with a legal payload of 13,300 lbs. With a larger payload, the truck can shred and carry more, allowing for fewer trips to the facility to dump the remains. This means that the operators can spend more time out on the road shredding more documents and generating more revenue for your business.

The MDX-3-33 Shred Truck is designed with an emphasis on maximum security for your customers. It features the ST-15H Shredder with a revolutionary dual mode shredding system. At the push of a button located on the control panel, the two stage/chamber unit switches between standard and high-security mode. In standard mode, the shredder achieves up to 4,500 lbs. per hour of throughput, tearing the documents into scraps. High-security mode produces a small DIN-certified shred size while maintaining a throughput of up to 1,200 lbs. per hour. This is an excellent option for customers concerned with the thorough destruction of their highly confidential information. The shred truck itself is built with an all-stainless-steel frame for stronger durability. It features an FRP gel coating that gives the truck a more professional appeal. Because the MDX-3-33 Shred Truck requires the driver to have a CDL, it guarantees that you’ll only have qualified drivers behind the wheel of your investment.


Standard Accessories for the MDX-3-33
The MDX-3-33 Shred Truck can provide you with optimal performance thanks to a variety of beneficial standard accessories that our experienced engineers have included. Each component is engineered to fully support the rest of the shredding system, offering significant advantages that allow the truck to outperform in this industry. In addition to the ST-15H Shredder with dual mode system, this truck also features a high-quality auger compactor, auto unloading system, durable bin tunnel, and a user-friendly control panel with all components working together flawlessly for maximum performance and quality.

ST-15H Shredder
The MDX-3-33 Shred Truck features a revolutionary dual mode system with the ST-15H shredder, which can be switched between standard and high-security mode at the push of a button on the control panel. When operating in standard mode, the shredder has a throughput of up to 4,500 lbs. per hour, while high-security mode operates at a throughput of up to 1,200 lbs. per hour to provide an incredibly small DIN-certified shred size that renders the confidential documents completely illegible. The high-security mode doesn’t rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position, making it a much more user-friendly and cost-effective solution. This bulletproof shredder is designed to withstand the constant demands of the industry, allowing it to keep up with several loads of paper per day.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading
In order to make the MDX-3-33 as efficient as possible, our engineers included a reliable auger compactor and smooth auto unloading system. The twin-screwed angled compactor is designed to quickly transport the shredded remains of the documents from the shredder directly into the storage compartment to prevent buildup and blockage. The automatic walking floor unloading system is designed to push those remains from the storage compartment onto the floor of the facility. The process takes under five minutes, which means that your workers are spending less time unloading at the facility and more time on-route servicing customers and driving profits.

Bin Tunnel
The truck is equipped with our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® loading system, which is designed to make the loading process faster and easier for the operators. It allows for smoother ground or curb level loading of any industry standard container and can be easily controlled right from the control panel. The bin tunnel extracts directly from the side of the shredding truck without exceeding the vehicle’s height. Thanks to a fully enclosed design, the lift protects the customers’ documents from wind and rain while also offering an enhancement in safety since there is no risk of the bin falling off the lift.

Operators have complete control over the entire shredding system using the state-of-the-art Plus+1® micro-control system located conveniently on the passenger side of the MDX-3-33 Shred Truck. This system offers many benefits, including digital gauges, a job timer, an automatic bin counter, and much more. It provides both the operators and customers with real-time video feed of their documents being destroyed thanks to two cameras positioned above the shredder and inside the payload compartment. In addition to providing accurate information and performance data in real time, the control panel can also individually actuate each system component in maintenance mode so the operators can stay on top of exactly what’s going on inside the shredder.

Optional Accessories for the MDX-3-33
Shred-Tech®’s team of experts has created a variety of optional accessories to help meet your requirements and surpass your expectations. Each of these optional accessories is designed to improve the overall performance of the MDX-1-33 Shred Truck, whether it’s for an increase in safety or convenience or for adding an additional revenue stream. You can contact Shred-Tech®’s experienced engineering and sales team today for even more optional accessories and additional information on how we can create a customized shredding solution that perfectly matches your business requirements!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard
Through the installation of the high-quality backup camera with stainless-steel guard, you can effectively enhance the safety and security for your workers. This camera system increases the driver’s visibility while they are maneuvering the shred truck, making this popular optional accessory a great choice when servicing metropolitan areas. The camera is housed within a solid stainless-steel guard that helps protect it from both physical impact and the elements.

Data Destruction
The heavy-duty ST-5 Mobile Hard Drive Shredder is an excellent addition to your shredding truck as it can add to your bottom line by providing an additional revenue stream for your growing business. Built to be self-contained, fuel efficient, and easy to operate, this shredder is designed with the strength to rip apart a hard drive in under five seconds right at your customers’ site, ensuring your clients’ peace of mind as their data becomes completely irretrievable. It features a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour and a throughput of 1,000 solid-state drives per hour. For safe operation, the shredder is fully automated with electronic safety interlocks.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage
For a simple way to increase convenience, we offer the front cart storage option for your MDX-1-33 Shred Truck. This addition provides you with extra room to store 64- or 96-gallon industry standard bin containers as well as leftover file boxes. This option features passenger side access for maximum convenience and ease of use.
Metric Imperial

Throughput Up To (kg/hr)* 2,041
Throughput Up To (kg/hr) High Security Mode 544
Legal Payload Up To (kg)** 6,033
NAID AAA Standard/Standard
DIN - Shred Size DIN 2 / DIN 4
Chassis GVW 14,969 kg.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1 ST-15 / 1 MDX
Shredder Power (kw) 84 kw ST-15 / 62 kw MDX
Knife Thickness 10 mm.
Number of Knives 56
Knife Diameter 175 mm.
Hex Size 68.2 mm.
Distance Between Shafts 149 mm.
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 533 x 356 mm.
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

Throughput Up To (lbs/hr)* 4,500
Throughput Up To (lbs/hr) High Security Mode 1,200
Legal Payload Up To (lbs)** 13,300
NAID AAA Standard/Standard
DIN - Shred Size DIN 2 / DIN 4
Chassis GVW 33,000 lbs.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1 ST-15 / 1 MDX
Shredder Horsepower 114 HP ST-15 / 84 HP MDX
Knife Thickness 3/8"
Number of Knives 56
Knife Diameter 6.9"
Hex Size 2 11/16"
Distance Between Shafts 5 7/8"
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 21" x 14"
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper