Shred-Tech® has pulled out all the stops with high-quality, premium capability with our MDX-3-26 Shred Truck. Designed from top to bottom as a high-end shredding solution, the MDX-3-26 is the best choice for companies looking to offer thorough, high-security shredding options to their customers. This shred truck makes it easy to start with as soon as possible since its 26,000 lb. GVW chassis means the truck can be operated without a CDL. The smaller chassis size also makes the MDX-3-26 perfect for navigating busy metropolitan areas, effectively allowing you to strengthen your customer base in the city. The powerful shredder on this truck provides super-small DIN-certified shred sizes with both standard and high-security modes for maximum security and complete destruction of all confidential material. The shredder offers respectable throughputs of 4,500 lbs. per hour in standard mode and 1,200 lbs. per hour in high-security mode, while a payload of 7,500 lbs. permits longer times out on the job with less time spent unloading at the facility. To ensure your investment is protected from malfunction and mishaps, a two-year limited warranty is included with your purchase of an MDX-3-26 Shred Truck.


Standard Accessories for the MDX-3-26
In order to ensure you get the most return on your investment as well as long-term success, Shred-Tech® has packed the MDX-3-26 Shred Truck with some of the highest-performing equipment and features as standard accessories with your purchase. Thanks to the quality design and construction of the paper shredder, compactor, auto unloading system, bin tunnel, and computer system, you have unrivaled shredding power, efficiency, convenience, and control that can help you break past the plateau and push your business to new heights. Combined, these standard accessories make up a premium paper shredding solution that both you and your customers can rely on for years.

ST-15H Shredder
The driving force behind your success with the MDX-3-26 is the powerful ST-15H shredder in the patent pending MDX Mobile Shredding Unit. This complete unit features a dual-stage design with a standard shredding mode, as well as a high-security mode for more thorough destruction. Once the high-security mode is activated with the touch of a button from the control panel located on the passenger side, the shredder switches to a much smaller shredding size to ensure optimized information destruction at a minute scale. The standard shred mode offers a throughput of 4,500 lbs. per hour, while the high-security shred mode offers 1,200 lbs. per hour for impressive and efficient shredding, even at incredibly small shred sizes. In fact, only with the MDX-3-26 can you get P-2 and P-4 DIN-certified shred sizes at standard and high-security modes respectively! This tiny shred size is perfect for customers who are highly concerned about complete destruction of their confidential documents and gives them peace of mind knowing their information is irretrievable. Since these shredders don’t rely on screens or need to be moved in and out of position to operate, they remain highly user friendly, reliable, easy to service, and cost effective, meaning you get a premium piece of high-performance shredding equipment at a respectable price.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading
The shredder isn’t the only feature on the MDX-3-26 engineered for efficiency, as the tough compactor and auto unloading system provide world-class operation and ease of use. Shred-Tech® built the compactor with a twin-screw auger design, which ensures shredded paper is smoothly transferred from the shredder to the storage compartment. This design also helps prevent backups and blockages within the system that could otherwise disturb the shredding process and waste time. Once the storage compartment is full, the operator can take the scraps back to a facility for unloading. Thanks to our handy auto moving floor unloading system, an entire truckload of shredded material can be unloaded in only a few minutes with a simple touch of a button. This frees up time for the driver to get back on the road and service more customers in a single day to generate more revenue. These components combined permit a total payload of 7,500 lbs. for the MDX-3-26 Shred Truck, so you can load plenty of paper and unload quickly to remain highly competitive in the industry.

Bin Tunnel
Loading the shredder of your MDX-3-26 is both fast and incredibly easy thanks to Shred-Tech®’s proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® bin tunnel system. With the simple press of an Up/Down button on the control panel at the passenger side of the truck, the Gripper Tipper® loading system grabs, lifts, and unloads industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins with control and speed, all within a fully enclosed bin tunnel space. Thanks to the enclosed design, the bins are completely protected from the elements, so your customers can be confident their confidential documents have gone directly into the shredder for destruction. The operator is also safe, since the design means the bin cannot fall off the lift and potentially cause injury.

In order to maximize the convenience, ease-of-use, and longevity of the MDX-3-26 Shred Truck, Shred-Tech® included the handy Plus+1® micro-control system. Located in a hideaway panel on the passenger side of the vehicle for quick and easy access, this powerful and state-of-the-art computer system comes with a variety of useful features for operation, diagnostics, and maintenance, all while streamlining the control scheme so you can get the very most out of your MDX-3-26 with ease. Some of the features packed into the Plus+1® system include job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and Predictive Idle, among others. For clear and consistent monitoring, one camera sits above the shredder while another sits inside the storage compartment. This means both you and your customers can see the documents being shredded in real time before your eyes for complete peace of mind. In addition, a parallel ignition system is included with the control system, which allows the truck and shredder to be started from either the cab position or auxiliary position at the control panel. This feature is unique to Shred-Tech® trucks and eliminates the need for two separate keys.

Optional Accessories for the MDX-3-26
Even though the MDX-3-26 Shred Truck comes standard with a full range of high-performance components and accessories, there are optional accessories you can add to the truck to help it better integrate with your fleet and meet your particular business requirements. With your choice of a backup camera, data destruction shredder, and/or front cart storage, you can opt for improved visibility, an additional revenue stream, and/or convenient bin storage space respectively. More optional accessories are available upon request, so get in touch with a Shred-Tech® expert today and turn your MDX-3-26 into a customized shredding solution that can drive your business forward for years!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard
Adding a backup camera with stainless-steel guard for your MDX-3-26 can help drastically improve rear visibility. As our most popular optional accessory, this backup camera improves both convenience and safety with little extra investment. The backup camera becomes especially important for backing up the shred truck in congested urban areas. To protect the camera from both the elements and impact, a stainless-steel guard has been included and surrounds the camera. The guard does not hinder visibility.

Data Destruction
Looking to add an additional revenue stream to your business? Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder is the optimal choice! As information continues to move into the digital space, more customers are seeking a permanent solution for destroying their sensitive data, and the only option available that ensures total destruction without the risk of the data being reconstructed or retrieved is physical destruction. That's where the ST-5 Mobile comes in. With a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid state drives per hour, the data destruction shredder provides thorough and super-fast data drive shredding.

The ST-5 Mobile can even be operated simultaneously with the standard shredder for max efficiency. In fact, by pairing the ST-5 Mobile with the MDX-3-26 Shred Truck, you can offer up to three distinct shredding options to your customers: P-2 DIN-Certified standard paper shredding, P-4 DIN-Certified high-security paper shredding, and data drive shredding! This can help you expand your customer base and beat out the competition with a single truck. Easily operated via the Plus+1® control system from the passenger side, the ST-5 Mobile is a breeze to use and can help diversify your fleet to drive profits.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage
If you require additional space and a convenient place to put your bins, then adding front cart storage is for you. Choosing this option includes an extra storage space located near the front of the truck and accessed on the passenger side for easily storing and transporting industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins,as well as empty file boxes.
Metric Imperial

Throughput Up To (kg/hr)* 2,041
Throughput Up To (kg/hr) High Security Mode 544
Legal Payload Up To (kg)** 3,402
NAID AAA Standard/Standard
DIN - Shred Size DIN 2 / DIN 4
Chassis GVW 11,793 kg.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1 ST-15 / 1 MDX
Shredder Power (kw) 84 kw ST-15 / 62 kw MDX
Knife Thickness 10 mm.
Number of Knives 56
Knife Diameter 175 mm.
Hex Size 68.2 mm.
Distance Between Shafts 149 mm.
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 533 x 356 mm.
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

Throughput Up To (lbs/hr)* 4,500
Throughput Up To (lbs/hr) High Security Mode 1,200
Legal Payload Up To (lbs)** 7,500
NAID AAA Standard/Standard
DIN - Shred Size DIN 2 / DIN 4
Chassis GVW 26,000 lbs.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1 ST-15 / 1 MDX
Shredder Horsepower 114 HP ST-15 / 84 HP MDX
Knife Thickness 3/8"
Number of Knives 56
Knife Diameter 6.9"
Hex Size 2 11/16"
Distance Between Shafts 5 7/8"
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 21" x 14"
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper