Shred-Tech prides itself on being the largest shredding equipment manufacturer in North America, and no other Shred-Tech product embodies that leadership than our #1 selling shred truck class: the MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck. A 26,000 lb. GVW chassis means this shred truck is one of our most accessible models ever without the requirement of a CDL to drive and operate. This is ideal for any company looking to quickly scale or grow their business and get more trucks out on the road as fast as possible, while entrepreneurs and start-ups can benefit from the low barrier to entry and immediate opportunity to start generating revenue. Not only that, but this GVW chassis class is easily maneuvered through congested city streets, thus allowing you to service a wider market than you could with a larger truck. Thanks to a super-strong, fast, and reliable shredder, the MDS-3S-26 can rip through a large load of documents in no time, reducing them to tiny scraps and eliminating any confidential information. This is all thanks to the shredder's high-performance design and throughput of up to 8,500 lbs., which allows you to quickly move from job site to job site and help more customers in a single day, while a maximum payload of 8,135 lbs. offers enough space to remain highly efficient. Designed to be cost-efficient, reliable, and competitively priced, the MDS-3S-26 is your ticket to optimized profits and a high return on your investment that can allow your existing or new business to thrive for years in the growing document destruction industry. With a limited two-year warranty included, you don't need to worry in case anything happens to your new MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck


Standard Accessories for the MDS-3S-26
To ensure maximum efficiency and dependability, Shred-Tech has equipped the MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck with an assortment of useful features and components. This shred truck has been outfitted with only high-performance features so you can have the highest return on your investment and have a piece of reliable equipment you can count on for years. Some of these features that come standard with the MDS-3S-26 include a high-efficiency shredder, smooth and durable compactor, convenient and quick automatic unloading system, easy-to-use bin tunnel, and a powerful control panel that makes operating the truck a breeze. If you're looking to take the next step in your business and drive yourself to the top of the document destruction industry, then these accessories with the MDS-3S-26 make it the key to your success.

ST-15H Shredder
Designed and manufactured to provide the highest possible efficiency and durability, the high-performance ST-15H Shredder equipped to the MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck can tear through a truck load of documents with impressive speed until only tiny scraps remain. The shredder has been engineered from tough aluminum to ensure high strength with low weight compared to steel, allowing for an increase in payload and easier maneuverability. The quality design of this shredder also includes sharp hub knives and high-strength alloy shafts for maximum toughness and speed for a shredder that can tear through all the paper at a job site in no time. In fact, the shredder's throughput of up to 8,500 lbs. per hour can help you move quickly from one job site to the next to service more customers in a single day. The patent-pending cast-in cleaning fingers and bridgeless vibrating feed hopper increase efficiency even more by helping the paper feed easily and smoothly into the blade. With the ability to shred up to about 141 lbs. per second, it's no wonder this shredder helps make the MDS-3S-26 one of our most popular models.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading
The MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck comes equipped with both a durable auger compactor and auto unloading floor system to optimize speed and convenience. The shredded paper is effortlessly transferred into the storage compartment during the shredding process to prevent any backup or congestion within the system, while the automatic unloading floor can completely empty a full truckload in under five minutes without any work on your part. This makes the unloading process as fast and easy as possible so your driver can get back on the road and shred even more material for more customers.

Bin Tunnel
Shred-Tech ensures every step of the shredding process is as streamlined as possible, and the proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper system helps make that possible. By using the simple up and down buttons on the control panel on the passenger side of the truck, the operator can activate the Gripper Tipper to lift and empty 64- and 96-gallon bins into the shredder in mere seconds. The tunnel extends out from the side of the truck without exceeding the height of the truck while remaining fully enclosed. This enclosed space protects the bins and paper from wind, rain, snow, and more so your customers are positive their sensitive documents have been loaded into the truck. This design further improves the safety factor of the process since the bins cannot fall off the lift during operation and cause injury.

With a powerful computer, easy-to-read diagnostics, and a simple configuration, the Plus+1 micro-control system simplifies the operation of your MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck while providing you with powerful tools and complete control over the shredding process. This control panel system collapses into the passenger side of the vehicle for quick access and allows for a number of features and operations not possible with older analog control systems. Some of these features include a job timer, automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and Predictive Idle with auto shutdown to name a few. The predictive idle and auto shutdown sense when the shredder has been left on without any material in the hopper and slowly shuts the shredder down to conserve energy. Thanks to two convenient cameras-one above the shredder and another in the payload compartment-you always have a complete view of the shredding process. A parallel ignition feature allows the operator to start the truck easily and safely via the control panel. This means the key may be left in the cab or placed in the auxiliary position from outside the cab so you don't need two separate keys to start and operate the vehicle. This feature is unique to Shred-Tech trucks and is just another way the MDS-3S-26 stands out above the crowd.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-3S-26
Shred-Tech has pushed the MDS-3S-26 to perform exceptionally well with just its standard features, but if you're looking to customize and build a truck that fits your individual business requirements, then we also offer a wide range of optional accessories to create the perfect shred truck for you. Our most popular optional accessories include a backup camera for improved visibility, a data destruction shredder to add an extra revenue stream, and front cart storage for convenience. Other optional accessories can be added to your MDS-3S-26 by contacting one of our shred truck experts today! Our experts can walk you through the full list of optional accessories and help you build a truck that will drive your success for years to come.

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard
To increase visibility and safety, you can choose to include a backup camera with stainless-steel guard with your MDS-3S-26 Shred Truck purchase. As our most popular optional accessory, the backup camera offers wide visibility for backing the truck, which can make maneuvering metropolitan areas far safer and easier. The stainless-steel guard that surrounds the camera shields it from inclement weather without obstructing visibility while also protecting the camera from impact.

Data Destruction
If you're looking to target a new market of customers and create an additional revenue stream for your business, then equipping your MDS-3S-26 with an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder could be the ideal solution. This data shredder can be equipped to any Shred-Tech truck and will tear through data drives in minutes, leaving no data behind to be retrieved or reconstructed. Physical destruction is the only manner by which data can be guaranteed to be completely destroyed, and so using the ST-5 Mobile can offer your customers unparalleled peace of mind as the drives are shredded before their eyes. With a throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid-state drives per hour, you can shred through plenty of drives in no time, even while operating the paper shredder! This option opens up many business opportunities. The ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder is easily operated via the Plus+1 micro-control system panel on the passenger side of the truck.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage
The front cart storage option allows you to easily transport and store your 64- and 96-gallon bins as well as empty file boxes in your shred truck. Easily and quickly accessed from the side of the truck, this extra storage compartment adds convenience and allows you to use your own bins with ease.
Metric Imperial

Throughput Up To (kg/hr)* 3,856
Throughput Up To (kg/hr) High Security Mode 0
Legal Payload Up To (kg)** 3,765
NAID AAA Standard
Chassis GVW 11,793 kg.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1
Shredder Power (kw) 84
Knife Thickness 16 mm.
Number of Knives 36
Knife Diameter 175 mm.
Hex Size 68.2 mm.
Distance Between Shafts 149.2 mm.
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 533 x 356 mm.
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

Throughput Up To (lbs/hr)* 8,500
Throughput Up To (lbs/hr) High Security Mode 0
Legal Payload Up To (lbs)** 8,300
NAID AAA Standard
Chassis GVW 26,000 lbs.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1
Shredder Horsepower 114
Knife Thickness 5/8"
Number of Knives 36
Knife Diameter 6.9"
Hex Size 2 11/16"
Distance Between Shafts 5 7/8"
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 21"x14"
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

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