You can effectively improve the performance of your shredding fleet and generate higher revenue through the acquisition of the high-quality MDS-2S-58 Shred Truck developed and engineered by Shred-Tech experts. With the help of this truck, you have access to optimized data destruction capabilities, allowing you to scale and grow your enterprise without interrupting workflow. Offering you one of the most reliable solutions in the document destruction industry, the shred truck is engineered with a 58,000 lb. GVW chassis. As one of our larger options available, it can easily shred more loads and carry more scraps in higher quantities. This means that your workers can spend much more time on the road, providing you with more opportunities to generate revenue without having to constantly return to the facility to drop off the scraps.

The MDS-2S-58 Shred Truck is a powerful vehicle that can easily take care of the bulkier loads with maximum efficiency. It is equipped with a high-powered ST-15H single-shaft shredder that effortlessly rips through the confidential documents to ensure that every piece of important information is effectively destroyed. It has a throughput of up to 7,000 lbs. per hour for speedy shredding and a payload of 20,000 lbs. so that you can keep up with demands from this increasingly evolving industry. Faster shred speeds with the largest truck payload in our fleet means you can increase the number of jobs done in a single workday while spending less time at each job for enhanced efficiency and greater profits! The truck itself is engineered from all stainless steel with an FRP gel coating to help keep it looking professional. It also features LED clearance lights that are designed to not crack as easily as incandescent lights. Because the MDS-2S-58 requires a CDL to operate, you can ensure that only professional drivers are allowed behind the wheel. To ensure Shred-Tech support, this vehicle comes standard with a two-year limited warranty.


Standard Accessories for the MDS-2S-58
For optimal performance, Shred-Tech's MDS-2S-58 powerful shredding truck is manufactured with a variety of standard accessories included. Our engineering experts know how to create a truck that can outperform in both quality and efficiency, and so each standard component on the MDS-2S-58 Shred Truck is designed to vastly improve the performance of the shredder and vehicle. From an effectively powerful shredder to a durable auger compactor to a useful control panel, each and every part of the truck is designed to enhance the speed and quality of the shredding job, making this model an excellent addition to your fleet of shredding trucks.

ST-15H Shredder
The MDS-2S-58 operates exceptionally well with the help of the high-quality and highly destructive ST-15H Shredder. Designed with power in mind, the single-shaft shredder is engineered from cast aluminum for better durability and strength without being weighted down by steel. Offering a throughput of 7,000 lbs. per hour, this shredder allows you to maximize efficiency, tearing apart documents with ease in a timely manner. A single load of paper is reduced to a heap of unreadable scraps within the shredder in order to protect the confidentiality of your customers. The shredder is built with durable hub knives that have the sharp bite needed to tear through thick documents as if they were made of butter. It also features high-strength alloy shafts as well as two new patent pending features: the cast-in cleaning fingers and the bridgeless vibrating feed hopper. Together, these components increase the efficiency of the shredder for optimal performance.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading
Engineered to outperform in efficiency, the MDS-2S-58 is equipped with an augur compactor that transfers the shredded remains of the documents directly into the storage compartment to prevent buildup for much easier management. In addition, the shredding truck also has a walking floor for automatic unloading. It can unload a truck filled with shredded paper in under five minutes, cutting down on wasted time so that your workers can spend more time on the road generating revenue and less time at the facility.

Bin Tunnel
The Shred-Tech MDS-2S-58 Shred Truck is equipped with our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper, a bin tunnel loading system that makes standard container loading a quick and simple job. Incredibly easy to control from the truck's control panel, the durable bin tunnel effortlessly lifts up the 64-gallon and 96-gallon bin. In order to protect both the system and the documents from the elements, this tunnel is designed to slide out from the side of the truck without exceeding the vehicle's height. The system is also designed in a way that prevents the bins from falling off of the lift, increasing safety for the workers while out on the job.

The shredding process is controlled by a state-of-the-art Plus+1 micro-control system that features advanced intelligence for monitoring the entire shredding process. This control panel is located within easy reach along the passenger side of the vehicle for maximum convenience and ease of use. It features parallel ignition, which means you can put the truck's key in the auxiliary position from outside of the cab. The truck can then be started remotely from the key mounted in the control panel. The main controls feature an on/off switch for running the shredder as well as the Gripper Tipper control that brings the bin up or down. This high-quality panel also features digital gauges, pin counters, standard product destruction mode, and much more so you can monitor and control all aspects of the shredding process.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-2S-58
Shred-Tech offers a variety of useful and beneficial optional accessories that you can include with your MDS-2S-58 shred truck. These components are designed by our expert engineers to increase the versatility, capability, and security of the truck for optimal performance. Your fleet will definitely benefit from the addition of these accessories to make the entire shredding process much more lucrative. You can experience better profit and significant ROI. Our trained sales team is more than ready to provide you with a complete list of all the custom options and accessories available for the MDS-2S-58 Shred Truck as well as more information on how Shred-Tech can effectively improve your business for maximum profit and return on your investment.

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard
In addition to the two cameras on the control panel's monitor - one above the shredder and one in the payload compartment - our customers have the choice to install another backup camera for increased safety and security. When maneuvering a vehicle as large as our shred truck, this camera can effectively increase visibility for the driver. It features a durable stainless-steel guard that protects the outside of the camera from corrosion.

Data Destruction
Our high-quality and destructive ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder is an excellent addition to your shred truck to add an extra revenue stream to your fleet. It is engineered to ensure maximum destruction of highly classified and confidential hard drives and solid-state drives. Your customers will experience peace of mind as they witness the shredder effectively reduce a single hard drive into scraps of aluminum or glass in under 5 seconds, ensuring the data is completely destroyed and cannot be reconstructed. The self-contained shredder has a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour, making it a reliable and lucrative revenue stream for your business.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage
With the Front Cart Storage option for the shred truck, you can create a much more convenient storage area within the truck. This add-on allows you to store your 64-gallon and 96-gallon bins or any other extra empty file boxes separately. It allows for passenger side access to help save your workers time and effort that can otherwise be spent generating more revenue.
Metric Imperial

Throughput Up To (kg/hr)* 3,175
Throughput Up To (kg/hr) High Security Mode 0
Legal Payload Up To (kg)** 9,072
NAID AAA Standard
Chassis GVW 26,308 kg.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1
Shredder Power (kw) 55
Knife Thickness 16 mm.
Number of Knives 36
Knife Diameter 175 mm.
Hex Size 68.2 mm.
Distance Between Shafts 149.2 mm.
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 533 x 356 mm.
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

Throughput Up To (lbs/hr)* 7,000
Throughput Up To (lbs/hr) High Security Mode 0
Legal Payload Up To (lbs)** 20,000
NAID AAA Standard
Chassis GVW 58,000 lbs.
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors 1
Shredder Horsepower 75
Knife Thickness 5/8"
Number of Knives 36
Knife Diameter 6.9"
Hex Size 2 11/16"
Distance Between Shafts 5 7/8"
Cutting Chamber (LxW) 21"x14"
Shred-Tech® Shredder Model ST-15H
Application Paper

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